About Ayala & Associates

Ayala & Associates provides counseling and advice to its clients in their business related endeavors.  The Firm’s clients range from high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs to long standing businesses grossing over $100 million annually.  While over time, all of the Firm’s clients will face similar problems, we recognize that the issues facing a particular client depend upon where they are in the business cycle and we tailor our services accordingly.

For entrepreneurs, we understand the obstacles they will face as they begin a new business and we provide solutions to overcome those obstacles, or at least minimize their impact on the business.  The Firm often assists the principals in negotiating and structuring the new business and in negotiating and structuring the financing for the venture, whether it be equity, debt or a combination or variation of the two.

The Firm remains with these entrepreneurs as their business grows.  We negotiate, structure and document the various contracts our clients enter into, including manufacturing, distribution, partnership, employment and various other contracts that the circumstances require.

We also stand by our clients in the courtroom.  We engage in a wide range of simple and complex business litigation in state and federal courts, including contract disputes, fraud, conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duty, unfair trade practices, partnership disputes, business separation and dissolution, corporate governance disputes, employment and labor matters, intellectual property and real estate.

While many attorneys today tend to focus their efforts on a very narrow or specific area of the legal landscape, Ayala & Associates directs all of its attention towards listening to, understanding and servicing its clients.  We take extraordinary measures to understand the peculiarities of each of our clients, their businesses, their goals and the issues they face in accomplishing those goals.  We then bring to bear all the resources and expertise necessary to counsel them through those issues and free them up to take whatever steps are necessary to accomplish their business goals.  The Firm provides these services to businesses in a broad range of industries including financial, manufacturing, real estate, technology, printing, retail food, restaurant, entertainment, advertising and consulting.  We look forward to the opportunity to learn about you and your business.